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Jerry Palmer,


Dr. Jerry Palmer is Professor of Medicine and Associate Director of the Diabetes Research Center at the University of Washington. His research interests focus on islet autoimmunity in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and encompass both basic and clinical/translational research. He currently directs the DCCT/EDIC and the TRIGR clinical centers at the University of Washington and is actively involved in TrialNet. His laboratory is currently focused on T-cell reactivity to islet antigens in patients with diabetes. He is especially interested in Type 1.5 diabetes or LADA, the autoimmune diabetes that occurs in patients with many of the characteristics of Type 2 diabetes. He has a long term interest in the prediction and prevention of T1DM and in the use of c-peptide measurements for research and clinically.



Professor of Medicine, University of Washington
Associate Director of the Diabetes Research Center, University of Washington