Insulin is a Remedy, Not a Cure

I am Dr. Claresa Levetan, the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Perle Bioscience. Most people know me as Resa (like Lisa with an R). My biggest hero is Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin. Dr. Elliott Joslin, another of my diabetes heroes said in 1924, that “insulin is a remedy, not a cure…and only for the wise and not the foolish, whether they be patients or doctors. Everyone knows it requires brains to live long with diabetes, but to use insulin successfully, requires more than brains.”


Our singular goal at Perle is for insulin independence among patients with type 1 diabetes, which means restoring a fully functional pancreas back to patients with diabetes. As Drs. Banting and Joslin knew, insulin was a remedy, but we now further understand that insulin works side by side within the islet with the hormones amylin, glucagon, somatostatin, ghrelin and pancreatic polypeptide and without this partnership of hormones working together with insulin, the other hormones can’t do their job in regulating glucose.





At Perle Bioscience, we believe that insulin independence is an attainable goal.

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