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At the 2015 Scientific Sessions of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) in Nashville in May 2015, I presented the scheduled Year in Diabetes Review. The meeting ended with an exciting surprise presentation.

As part of the evening’s entertainment for conference attendees, AACE’s President, Dr. Mack Harrell, who has written and produced music for decades, showcased his songs that he and other endocrinologists performed. I was so inspired by Dr. Mack Harrell. It made me realize there was an opportunity to create an anthem for people living with diabetes, performed by people with diabetes.

Thanks to Mack’s music connections, the song “Needle Free” came to be and was produced at Ragtop Studios in Nashville. Two talented musicians, both living with type 1 diabetes, performed the song: Adam Lasher, from American Idol Season 14, and country singer, Amanda Jo. This collaborative effort resulted in a song that I think will resonate among patients with diabetes.


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Thank you to the producers, Dr. Mack Harrell and Kim Copeland of Ragtop Studios, and to our writers Dr. Mack Harrell, Amanda Jo, Billy Lee and Adam Lasher (in addition to myself). A special thank you to Louis Cocco (with type 1), and his sister, Carlie Cocco, who sang backup for Adam and Amanda Jo. Thank you to Joe Bonus, Ronni Harrell, Patrice and Louis Cocco, Sr., who were supportive and shared their enthusiasm inside and outside of the studio.