Perle Bioscience is dedicated to finding novel treatments for type 1 diabetes with the ultimate goal of eliminating the disease all together. Perle has discovered novel human beta regeneration peptides for which it has filed “composition of matter” patents. Perle’s total IP portfolio comprises 12 issued and pending patents all in the diabetes space.


The company was founded by Dr. Claresa Levetan, MD and a Fellow with Distinction of the American College of Endocrinology. Dr. Levetan is a noted endocrinologist, has been internationally recognized as being on the forefront of diabetes research, and has been published in many medical journals. She received the Roche Diagnostics prestigious award for innovative diabetes research, and has been invited as a visiting scholar at Harvard University’s Joslin Diabetes Center.


Our innovations have merit

Perle uniquely combines its proprietary islet neogenesis therapy with a biologic response modifier for insulin independence among type 1 patients.  This class of therapy has also been effective in type 1 and type 2 diabetes through Phase 2B.



Perle Bioscience was founded by a team of extraordinary scientists with the sole mission of insulin independence among patients with new and existing type 1 diabetes.