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Dr. Claresa Levetan,


Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Perle Bioscience Inc.

Claresa Levetan MD, has focused her past 30 years as a physician on understanding how to develop new approaches that address the underlying cause of diabetes. She has successfully discovered and patented a number of therapies for stimulating the production of insulin producing beta cell regeneration in patients with diabetes. She has committed her career to newer and more innovative therapies with approaches that are focused on insulin independence among patients with new onset and existing type 1 diabetes. Read Claresa’s full bio here.

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Susan Pierce,


Associate Scientist, Perle Bioscience Inc.

Susan Pierce, MPT, CDE is a diabetes researcher, writer, speaker, editor and Certified Diabetes Educator with the unique perspective from having had type 1 diabetes. Susan’s commitment to educating patients with type 1 diabetes began when she was diagnosed as a child and has continued through the 40 years. Susan is not only dedicating herself to treating diabetes, but also for the thousands of type 1 patients she sees annually.

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Patrice Cocco,


Associate Scientist, Perle Bioscience, Inc.

Patrice Cocco, BBA has devoted her life to the research and study of type 1 diabetes since her son, Louis, developed type 1 diabetes 11 years ago at the age of 2. She has more than a decade of experience with all different types of insulin, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors on the market and knows first hand how important a treatment to get to insulin independence. Patrice has become an international advocate for type 1 patients providing support to parents and patients suffering with this disease.

Perle Collaborators

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William Philbrick,


William Philbrick, PhD, is the Director of Yale University Diabetes Research Center and is the international leader in research on beta cell and islet regeneration. Dr. Philbrick is working with Perle on scientific studies evaluating how effective Perle’s new therapies are in regenerating new islets and beta cells. View his Yale profile here.

Perle Bioscience

Victor Garsky,


Victor Garsky, PhD, is an expert in the development of innovative new therapies for type 1 diabetes. Dr. Garsky is optimizing Perle’s new therapies for islet and beta regeneration to ensure that the lowest dosage is required to give the greatest potency of effect. View his LinkedIn profile here.